Our Services



At RESRADIX, we focus on the field of procedural law and we are fully dedicated to providing legal advice and representation both in court proceedings and in those that are resolved out of court, especially in the civil and commercial areas. In addition, we specialize in matters related to the construction and real estate sectors.

In the pre-litigation stage, we take care of designing a solid strategy and elaborating the necessary evidence before initiating legal proceedings, preparing ourselves in advance in case an agreement cannot be reached. We also actively participate in negotiations and transactions, always looking for favorable alternatives for our clients, if these options are possible and beneficial.


The field of civil law is extremely extensive, so in RESRADIX we have specialized especially in providing advice on issues related to: property rights and rights in rem, obligations and contracts, leases of property and quantity claims in various situations.

Our extensive experience focuses on the negotiation, drafting and interpretation of a wide variety of contracts. We understand how crucial it is to know the applicable regulations in order to make appropriate decisions before signing any contract, in order to prevent future problems. Consequently, we attach great importance to preventive advice to ensure the best approach in each situation.




The field of commercial law covers several areas, and at RESRADIX we have focused especially on providing advice on issues related to commercial contracts and corporate matters, both between companies and between partners. Specifically, we specialize in:

1. Commercial contracts.
2. Partnerships.
3. Family companies.

We have a team of professionals highly experienced in advising clients belonging to different economic sectors. Our participation covers any stage in which our advice is required, being ready to intervene in order to guarantee the best result for our clients.


At RESRADIX, we are able to provide advice and representation to both companies and individuals in arbitration proceedings. Arbitration is an alternative to the traditional judicial process that offers the parties in conflict a more agile, efficient and confidential way to resolve their disputes. At all times, we will be at our client’s side, accompanying them from the selection of the arbitrator to the execution of the arbitration award.

Our firm is prepared to offer the appropriate advice in all arbitration processes, and we have professionals with the necessary experience to represent our clients in complex cases, especially in the construction sector. The trust placed in us by our clients motivates us to continue providing a high quality service to obtain the best results in every situation.




Commercial law encompasses many matters, so RESRADIX has specialized mainly in advising on contractual and corporate matters, between companies and partners, in particular: Commercial contracts. Partnerships. Family business.

Our team is highly qualified to approach each situation with knowledge and professionalism, providing effective and satisfactory solutions for our clients in all these areas.


In the field of investments, RESRADIX deploys its expertise to assist our clients in making informed and soundly based decisions. We pride ourselves in offering advice in the negotiation and drafting of agreements necessary for the execution of investments, ensuring that they are backed by clear and equitable terms. In addition, we provide guidance in structuring complex transactions and meticulously assessing the risks and opportunities associated with each investment.

Our approach is to ensure that our clients can approach the investment arena with confidence and security, knowing that they are supported by an experienced and highly competent legal team. We value the trust our clients place in us and strive to provide them with the best advice to achieve their goals in the dynamic world of investments.